AlorAir - Sentinel HD55 Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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Design and Size of AlorAir Sentinel HD55

This is one of the low-temperature dehumidifiers intended for enclosed basement or crawl spaces. The device can be relied upon to control the atmosphere of the site by extracting moisture from its immediate environment. It can be used in crawling areas, in the basement, or in any other part of the room where the humidity level needs to be controlled.  

You can also get an optional remote controller for this dehumidifier that allows it to be deployed in areas where remote sensing and controlling is required. Click here to buy

It operates in conditioned spaces and helps to control the environment of a location. This is achieved by extracting moisture from the atmosphere and reducing the humidity in the surrounding areas.

It is compact and tiny in size which makes it easier to mount it in places with minimal storage spaces such as the basement. This is the lightest and smallest crawl space dehumidifier you’re going to get. The humidity sensor ensures that short cycling runs away as soon as possible. It provides quick access to the internal sections of the units. 

The unit has a track record and an established performance record. 

It's a solution to the issues created by Mother Nature. For example, the device removes moisture through the cooling process. It is equipped with a high rotary compressor which ensures that the maximum moisture is extracted at the lowest possible cost. 

Sentinel HD55 is compact to ensure that it fits in the smallest rack and basement. It is also versatile and comes with a humidity sensor that allows you to easily access the internal service of the device. This helps you to serve it whenever you want to.

Has an outstanding drainage mechanism – unlike other dehumidifiers, the HD55 drains by the force of gravity. It helps the dehumidifier to run, so you don't need to worry about if the tank is full.

It is one of the few units with a streamlined design that is easy to use. The dehumidifier can be put anywhere in the house and will do the job in silence. It can be used in tight spaces because it is lightweight and compact. So if you have crawl spaces that you want to dehumidify, this is one of the portable dehumidifiers that you can rely on.

The AlorAir Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier weighs 57 Ibs and its dimensions are 19.2”×12.2”×13.3” (LxWxH).

    Features of AlorAir Sentinel HD55

    Sentinel HD55 has excellent airflow and comes with a side-by-side filter. It is a well-engineered instrument capable of extracting 55 pints of water a day. The regular filter is a high-efficiency MERV-8 filter.

    The unit comes with great dehumidification features. The most notable examples are:

    • Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System: ensures that the ice is easily removed from the coils at an operating temperature of 2 ° C.
    • Entry to the service is quick: it enables the owner to open and run it.
    • It is mentioned in the COP: the unit is approved by ETL, CE, CETL. It is also the most effective dehumidifier on the market. For these purposes, a patent will soon be issued to cover the invention.
    • Remote Humidity Design: This is a vital feature that makes the device suitable if you are using it in an environment where remote sensing is necessary. It comes with an optional duct that's easy to install. Flanges make it easier to mount and attach to the current ducting system.
    • Designed to function in low-temperature environments: This is why it is the most effective dehumidifier to be used in crawling areas and areas with airflow problems.
    • It is remotely operated: The remote control unit comes with a standard replay feature that insulates it from noise. The remote control can be used as a switch and gives you the option of selecting an appropriate humidity sensor.
    • High capacity: The high capacity of the basement dehumidifier is built for restoration purposes. In fact, this is the main reason why the device can be relied on to remove moisture through the cooling process. It's compact in size, which makes it suitable for small space applications.
    • Rotary compressor: ensures that the extraction is at the lowest possible rate.
    • Multiple ducting options: ensure that the device collects 55 pints of water per day.

    Room Coverage of AlorAir Sentinel HD55

    If you have wide crawl spaces and basements, Sentinel HD55 Dehumidifier is one of the units you can rely on to dehumidify the place. It can potentially dehumidify an area of up to 1,300 square feet with an Airflow of 130 CFM. 

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