No matter how well you plan or how much research you do before you buy your air purifier, if you do not purchase the correct purifier for the size of area you need to clean, you may find yourself frustrated and less than completely satisfied.

The type of filtration system you purchase is incredibly important, yes. However, most negative reviews come from people stating the machine does not have any effect in the space or the machine does not make a difference. When, in reality, the air purifier is simply too small to do its job properly. 

To choose the right size air purifier for your needs, you will need to calculate the square footage of the room or area you would like to purify. You can calculate the square footage by measuring the length of the space and multiplying it by the width of the area in feet. 

  • Example: My room is ten-feet in length by ten-feet wide. 10 ft long X 10 ft wide = 100 square feet  

You now have the general square footage of the space or room you have just measured, length times width equals overall square footage. Please keep in mind, most air purifiers base their usage off of eight-foot ceiling heights. They do this because they truly need cubic footage of a space not just a flat, two-dimensional idea of a room. The manufacturers of the machines must consider ALL of the air volume in the room.

  • Example: My room is ten-feet in length by ten-feet wide and my ceilings are eight-feet high.    10 ft long X 10 ft wide = 100 square feet AND my ceilings are 8 feet high--                                                       100 sq ft area X 8 ft high = 800 Cubic feet.
  • Example 2: My room is ten-feet in length by ten-feet wide and my ceilings are ten-feet high.   10 ft long X 10 ft wide = 100 square feet AND my ceilings are 10 feet high--                                             100 sq ft area X 10 ft high = 1000 Cubic feet. 
  • NOTE THE INCREASE OF 25% for the increased ceiling height. 

So, if your ceilings are vaulted or higher than average you may want to compensate the difference. If you do not consider ceiling height into your equation when measuring your space you chance losing efficiency, the product may not work as intended and you may find yourself frustrated and disappointed. 

Now you are prepared to shop for your air purifier based on square footage/cubic footage numbers. Typically, you will find the recommended square foot or cubic footage coverage area information in the air purifier's specifications tabs, i.e. "manufacturer suggested room size" tab or the "technical specifications" tab. 

Manufacturer’s may also choose to provide a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). The CADR rating was developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). The Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR is the industry standard for measuring the airflow of filtered air.  This rating should also be noted in the manufacturer's specification on the purifier. It will typically give a precise and clear statement on the suggested use for the machine.  

Please take the time to consider your purchase. Buying an air purifier is an investment. Purchasing a unit that is too small for your space will not provide the best value for your dollar. At HealthyBreeze, we partner with quality manufactures, who work hard to deliver top quality products to our clientele. We stand behind the products, as do our manufactures.  

One of the top frustrations noted by online reviewers of air purifiers was the product did not perform as expected or had no effect. At HealthyBreeze, we encourage you to remember the following: when an air purifier is equipped with the proper filtration system for the job it is undertaking, there is little to no chance that it is not performing. However, the purchaser of the product may feel that it is not performing, or is not having any effect on the space if he/she did not purchase the correct air purifier for the size of space. One cannot expect optimum performance in a 1,000 sq ft space if the air purifier is meant for a space that does not exceed 250 sq ft. In this case size matters.

Remember at HealthyBreeze, our friendly and helpful customer service team is always just a phone call, email or quick chat away if you need assistance choosing the correct air purifier for your space and needs. 

Happy shopping!