Air purifier is becoming one of the most common items in a typical U.S. home. The reason for this popularity is that air purifiers can effectively reduce the effects of allergens, smoke and even eczema.

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "Can I run an air purifier all the time?" Well, this isn't just your problem. Today, we are going to help you know when to operate and how long to use an air purifier.

Will you have to use an air purifier 24/7?

First of all, you need to learn that Air purifiers are built to be used 24/7.

Many high-end air purifiers use the Smart Sensor system to automatically adjust the speed of the fan to save energy. Therefore, you can comfortably run these air purifiers all day without thinking about your paid energy bill.

You also need to operate your air purifiers for a long time, even without Smart Sensor. As there are usually fresh particles coming from your pets, air conditioners, windows open or even from you. Such pollutants will be promptly removed.

If you do not have significant issues with allergens or allergies, these air purifiers typically come with a Set Timer feature or an Air Quality Indicator that actually shows the quality of the air. When you're pleased with the quality, you should shut off your air purifier.

For people who have problems like sleeping disorders, check out the best air purifiers in the bedroom. If you already owned one out of this series, keep your air purifier at the lowest settings and you should be fine.

Expert tips: Also keep a user guide to your air purifier. The supplier will also give you tips on how long to use an air purifier.

How long can I run an Air purifier?

Running an electrical system constantly can make people believe it will consume a lot of electricity. The reality is to operate an air purifier with several filters for several hours at a time that not only wears out filters and equipment, but also consumes an immense amount of energy.

Therefore, you should learn how to save your energy by using an air purifier.

Tip # 1: you should use it when you're at home (or at the office if you're using one of the best air purifiers for your office). You can easily run your air purifier at the lowest setting if you use oxygen-producing plants or have a specific smoking area...

Tip # 2: the air purifier can be used differently depending on the time of year. For example, weed pollen is a problem mainly in the summer, so keep your air purifier working hard in the summer and save it in the winter.

How to replace filters of an Air Purifier?

If you've learned about the types of air filters, you'll know that the air purifier needs to replace the filters that have been made. Every day running and collecting a lot of pollutant particles reduces the efficiency of the air filters and gradually wears them down.

The HEPA Air filter must be replaced by one after 6 months to 1 year. It is safer to have an air purifier with both a pre-filter style HEPA and a True HEPA filter for output. The pre-filter could be washable or vacuum washed, and it could last longer than before.

Additionally, without large pieces of chemicals, the True HEPA filter would have a longer lifetime.

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