PlasmaWave technology uses a natural process of positive and negative ion filtration that safely breaks down dangerous contaminants at molecular level without producing any harmful ozone.

We know all your issues with indoor air quality and air purifiers. We know you need the right air purifier to improve your quality of life. We're specialists in the field of air purifiers, but more than that, we 're just like you, people. We also have significant issues with respiratory allergies and asthma, and we know that you're trying to master the air purifier and put an end to your suffering.

Today, you'll learn more about PlasmaWave technology in our in-depth guide.

What's a Plasmawave technology?

By comparison to other ionizers, PlasmaWave uses electricity to produce both negative and positive ions. Hydrogen and oxygen are now free to form alliances and form hydroxyl radicals (OHs). Hydroxyl radicals are unstable molecules that try to balance by stealing atoms from surrounding molecules, thus killing them in the process.

The corresponding molecules are airborne toxins, which contain viruses , bacteria, germs, odors, toxic contaminants, however volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

By killing such toxins, PlasmaWave's hydroxyl radicals can rearrange their chemical structures to form inoffensive molecules, such as water (H2O) , carbon dioxide, and single oxygen or hydrogen, which in turn can begin to form new hydroxyls.

Is Plasmawave technology safe?

Like any type of ionizer, PlasmaWave is mostly safe to use. It has been reported that no ozone pollution is made in the PlasmaWave process, so that their air purifiers would not irritate any asthma or breathing problems.

However, since the nature of the PlasmaWave technology is still an ionizer, you need to be aware of its ozone emission.

Pros and Cons of Plasmawave technology:

We've learned all about PlasmaWave technology, but you still don't know if this air filter is flawless or not.

Below are the pros / cons of the PlasmaWave technology.


  • The method of natural air purification
  • No ozone emits
  • No replacement of an annual filter


  • Electromagnetic interference from certain electronics may cause a malfunction of the product
  • High consumption of power

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