The activated carbon filter is an important filtration method for dealing with smoke, smells and smells. The Activated Carbon Filter is widely used in air purifiers, as this air filter is the only solution to absorb and remove smoke and odors so that you can enjoy fresh and clean air.

In real-world use, the Activated Carbon Filter is never used as a standalone air filter in air purifiers. It must be combined with other air filters to remove tiny microscopic airborne particles. Common air purifiers will have at least a 3-stage air purification system with one pre-filter, one activated carbon filter and one true HEPA filter.

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How does an Activated Carbon Filter work?

The activated carbon filter, or carbon filter, is a bed of activated carbon usually created by granular or powdered blocks and consists of millions of tiny absorbent pores.

This air filter has been treated as extremely porous and is a popular filtration against gases, chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, the activated carbon filter can not remove small particles such as dust, dust mites, pet dander or pollen from the air.

The Activated Carbon Filter was originally called the HEGA (High Performance Gas Absorption) filter and was first used by the British Army in chemical warfare. It eliminates gas molecules through an adsorption cycle (not absorption). The contaminants adhere to the outside of the activated carbon filter during adsorption.

For air purifiers, the activated carbon filter is mostly used in combination with the HEPA filter to trap other tiny particles , such as dust, lint, mold spores , pet dander and pollen. You can consider potassium permanganate or potassium iodide in the high-quality Activated Carbon Filter to remove toxins, formaldehyde and wildfire smoke much easier.

How long does the Activated Carbon Filter Last?

The Active Carbon Filter is a very necessary air filter in all air purifier systems, but it can only last for a short time.

Typical Activated Carbon Filter (or Charcoal Filter) can only last between two and four weeks, after which you need to vacuum or clean the air filter before using it again.

The Active Carbon Filter needs to be changed every few months to be effective. It is due to the absorption cycle, which gradually fills the contaminants within the activated carbon bed. When the bed is filled, the membrane can no longer be used to remove any of the contaminants.

Can an activated carbon filter be reused?

The simple answer is yes, because of the porous nature of activated carbon, this air filter can be recycled by baking out the odors, and then the air filter can be completely reused.

Nevertheless, you can only reuse the Activated Carbon Filter two to a maximum of three times, and then remove the carbon filter so that it can operate against smoke, odors and chemicals.

If your activated carbon filter is not specifically labeled as washable, you can not wash your carbon filters without damaging them. Otherwise, you might wash it, but you need to learn how to clean the air filter.

Pros and Cons of Activated Carbon Filter:

We've heard more about the Activated Carbon Filter, but you really don't know whether this air filter is perfect or not.

Below are the pros / cons of the activated carbon filter.


  • Can be re-used
  • The only air filter to remove chemicals, gases, smells and smells from pets, cooking, smoke, paint and cleaning supplies.


  • Needs additional air filters
  • Needs to be periodically updated

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