Airocide - APS 1000 Purifier for Wildfire Smokes and Residuals

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Design and Size of Airocide APS-1000

Airocide is currently the only NASA-lineage air purifier brand. The company has only manufactured high - end products since 1998, using PCO technology to fight the ultra-fine contaminants, which is smaller than the HEPA filter standard. 

If you're looking for a large but subtle air purification device for larger rooms in your home, look no further than Airocide APS-1000. The Airocide APS-1000 is your home's ultimate air purification system.

The Airocide APS-1000 helps customers to bring NASA technology home, just one of the many highlights of this excellent tool. Used for more than 20 years by food producers and in locations such as wineries, grocery stores, and hospitals, the indoor air can be safer and healthier than ever before.

Conveniently placed on a wall to help save your room, the Airocide APS-1000 is ideal for families who enjoy hosting large gatherings. With its space-saving design and mounting, this system would preferably be put in larger rooms where more people could gather. Larger than its predecessors, this machine still maintains a sleek, stylish design that fits into any room.

The biggest difference between the Airocide APS-1000 and other air purification systems on the market is its impressive elimination system. Although it is also a purification device, Airocide APS-1000 uses its advanced technologies to eliminate dangerous contaminants from the air.

The APS-1000 is developed for wide-open spaces in your home. So, it's great for basements, bonus rooms, dining rooms, hobby shops, and other large spaces. 

The APS-1000 features Airocide's NASA developed PCO technology, which is ideal for the safe removal of airborne mold spores, odor-causing VOCs, bacteria, viruses and dust. In addition, it has an efficient filter to eliminate airborne particles. The unit is mounted on a wall and comes with the requisite brackets and screws.

Airocide products are all made for you, with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Airocide APS-1000 is unique in its form and handling of particulate matter to other Airocide products.

The dimensions of the Airocide APS-1000 is 18” x 17.38” x 5.5” and weighs 18 lbs. The Airocide APS-1000 is the ideal air purification device for large spaces, but it's also a great tool to help protect you and your family from those gross, invisible air pathogens. VOCs can cause a wide range of health risks for all ages but can be especially harmful to children.

Children are those of us who are still growing, and your child needs the freshest, purest air to breathe. Airocide APS-1000 can help protect your child from these invisible VOCs, which can also lead to health issues later in life.

With the advanced technologies developed and tested by NASA, the Airocide APS-1000 eliminates these VOCs from any space your child might have spent time in.

Filters of Airocide APS-1000

Airocide APS-1000 provides a filtration device that can eliminate contaminants from the air. However, the Airocide APS-1000 can handle problems with indoor organic air in the larger rooms of your house. The mold in your basement will be an example of this sort of organic matter.

It is developed to efficiently remove dangerous pathogens in your house, Airocide APS-1000 uses its advanced technology to conduct a powerful chemical reaction that isolates and breaks down hazardous organic materials.

Such hazardous materials include growing allergens, such as pollen, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are not often detected by traditional HEPA filters. The purifier is also effective in removing wildfire smokes and residuals. 

As the most efficient air purifier on the market, the Airocide APS-1000 will keep you and your family secure in every room of your household.

The air purification system used by Airocide APS-1000 is today the main system for air purification technologies. Developed by NASA and used on the International Space Station and Columbia Space Shuttle, the air in your home would be as safe as it was for astronauts in space.

The system uses an advanced chemical reaction called Photocatalytic Oxidation within each Airocide product to purify and clean the air. The cycle starts with a fan inside the Airocide APS-1000, which forces the air out of the surrounding atmosphere into the Airocide APS-1000.

The air drawn into the device is then gradually forced into a series of hollow glass tubes, which are coated with a catalyst. That is where there is a chemical reaction.

The purification system by which the Airocide APS-1000 performs its duties is effective, clean and does not generate harmful by-products, ensuring that any harmful material from your indoor air is drawn into the system and is not trapped inside the filter.

As an air purification unit, Airocide APS-1000 and all other Airocide items use an oxidation system as opposed to a filtration device. A traditional filtration system uses HEPA filters, and while HEPA filters are effective, these types of filters trap hazardous materials within the filter, which are then used to force air back out.

The removal method used by Airocide machines removes these hazardous materials using the Photocatalytic Oxidation chemical cycle.

Airocide APS-1000 uses NASA's dust removal method to keep the home and indoor dust fresh and clean. This machine uses a reaction chamber instead of a filter to keep dangerous bacteria out of the lungs.

Airocide APS-1000 includes a pre-filter before the reaction chamber. A pre-filter is used to eliminate toxic airborne contaminants from the air you breathe. The pre-filter is just another step in keeping your air as clean and pure as possible.

The filter is replaced every three months and the lamps are replaced once a year

Room Coverage of Airocide APS-1000

The Airocide APS-1000 is the ideal solution for those looking to improve air purification in the larger rooms of their home. If you're looking to make your basement the perfect meeting spot for family and friends or just trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, the Airocide APS-1000 will help you accomplish all of your clean air goals.

It is ideal for big, open spaces inside your house, basements, living rooms, and extra rooms are the ideal spaces to fit your Airocide APS-1000. With NASA's technology, this system should keep all your wide spaces safe and clean of harmful pathogens.

The Airocide APS-1000 can operate well in areas about 700 square feet and must be placed on the wall, making it suitable for those who want to save the floor, shelf, or counter room. While extremely efficient, this machine is quite low maintenance, making it ideal for those of us who may be very forgetful when it comes to maintaining air purifiers!

Sound Production of Airocide APS-1000

The Airocide APS 1000 is noisier, reaching a level of 50 decibels since it is equipped with a more powerful fan. Please note that since it's mechanical, it might be variable. If you mostly run the air purifier at the highest speed, make sure you're not disturbed by the noise.

Energy Consumption of Airocide APS-1000

Air purifiers must be used for a long time to be efficient. And, one significant criterion is power consumption. The rated power of Airocide 1000 is 100 watts.

The current required for optimum performance is 1.0A and 120-220 VAC.

After-Sales of Airocide APS-1000

All Airocide air purifiers are now only for shipment within the U.S. For any Airocide air purifier, there is a 60-day risk-free trial, and if you are not happy, you can get a full refund (Airocide also protected the return shipments). This Airocide air purifier has a 2-year warranty. To get the guarantee you'll need to register your order.

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