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Design and Size of Airpura T600

The housing of the Airpura T600 is made of powder coat steel, which prevents any off-gassing of chemical vapors, both within the clean air stream and in the unit’s end-of-life phase. Moreover, when you’re done with it, the Airpura T600 is 93% recyclable.

There is one pressure seal on the filter chamber that ensures that all of the dirty air passes through the filters. Other systems allow leakage and do not achieve the 99.97% HEPA filtration rating. Also, the felt gaskets will seal the filter chamber and maximize the filtration.

The Airpura T600, and its brother – Airpura T600 DLX, are 23 inches in height, and 15 inches in width. However, unlike the Airpura C600, you can not attach this air purifier into the Airpura Central Air System.

The code name of this air purifier, the “T” could either stand for “tars” or “tobacco smoke”. Again, as an air purifier that aims at using a thick Activated Carbon filter, the Airpura T600 was created with eco-awareness in mind.

Therefore, the capacitors used in the Airpura T600 are free of polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, which are toxic to humans, animals, and the environment.

Again, the Airpura T600 has the same 360° Distribution airflow, which is the concept of maximizing the airflow. 

Filters of Airpura T600

One of the two most important factors when deciding the performance of one air purifier is its air filters. Airpura T600 makes use of the signature 3-stage air cleaning system of this company.

Pre-filter: To protect the main filter, Airpura T600 uses a TarBarrier pre-filter, which can trap large particles such as tars from tobacco and cigarettes. It can be vacuumed clean and should be changed every 1-3 months.

Activated Carbon Filter: The main reason to buy the Airpura T600 is because of the Activated Carbon filter, which can absorb a variety of toxic chemicals, odors, and tobacco smoke from the air.

HEPA filter: Airpura T600 only uses a HEPA-Barrier filter, which is 95% efficient at removing any particles as small as 1 micron in size.

The Airpura T600 is different from others in this big family by using the TarBarrier pre-filter. The TarBarrier is a solid poly pre-filter, with more lint to capture even the tiny tars that linger in the air.

On account of this structure, the TarBarrier pre-filter is denser against these large objects of pollutants. But the downside is it is quickly unusable and must be replaced after up to 3 months. Under heavy usage, this filter should be changed monthly.

As the main protection against the most chemicals and odors found in tobacco smoke, the Airpura T600 used the same Activated Carbon filter like the Airpura C600 – the powerful 560-sq-ft filter with 26 lbs of Coconut shell Charcoal.

This air filter can collect 4000 chemicals that make up the tobacco smoke. And with such a huge amount of carbon inside it, the Airpura T600 can adsorb the smoke from cigarettes and cigar nearly immediately.

The Airpura T600 DLX, just like the Airpura C600 DLX, uses the enhanced carbon filter with 17% potassium iodide and 83% coconut shell (you still can upgrade to use the potassium permanganate instead to accelerate the binding of light gases) to improve the filtration against the chemicals in tobacco smoke.

The Airpura T600 and Airpura T600 DLX are meant for heavy smokers, and even an Activated Carbon with 26 lbs in weight needs to be changed every 3 months, depending on the heavy usage.

However, this machine doesn’t have the True HEPA filter. Instead, the HEPA-Barrier can only remove 95% of any pollutant particles as small as 1 micron. Such performance is only rated MERV-15, while the True HEPA filter is rate MERV-16 or MERV-17.

Room Coverage of Airpura T600

The Airpura T600 and Airpura T600 DLX can cover such large rooms as 2000 square feet.

The ACH of Airpura T600 is 2X. For a room of 2000 square feet, it will exchange the air every 30 minutes.

The CADR of Airpura T600 is 560 cfm in general. With such fan power, Airpura T600 can clean your room instantly.

Sound Production of Airpura T600

This is another quiet Airpura air purifier, as the Airpura T600 has a noise level of only 28 decibels at the lowest speed. Such a noise level is exactly like the noise level of the whisper.

And if you switch to the highest setting, the fan power is only 62 decibels – the same noise level of conversation at the office or restaurant, and I know that you won’t be annoyed by the sound of Airpura T600.

Because the air purifier is designed mainly for tobacco smoke and odors, it is not only suitable for the home with smokers but also public places like restaurants, bars, hospitals, waiting rooms, or other smoking areas.

Please note that since it's mechanical, it might be variable. If you mostly run the air purifier at the highest speed, make sure you're not disturbed by the noise.

Energy Consumption of Airpura T600 

Power consumption is an important criterion to decide which air purifier to buy.

As an air purifier with a powerful fan, the Airpura T600 can’t hold the power consumption as low as the device with only half the CADR rating. Therefore, you should be happy with the range of power consumption from 40 watts to 120 watts. 

To run the Airpura T600 8 hours per day, you need to pay from $15 to $43 annually. Even if you always run the air purifier on the highest speed, it would cost you only $0.1 each day.

Warranty of Airpura T600

Airpura Industries is based in Canada and is known for manufacturing quality air purifiers. With any Airpura product you buy, you get a 5-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on labor.

Return Policy of Airpura:

All Airpura Air Purifiers must be returned within 30 days to be refunded. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. In addition, they are also liable to pay a minimum restocking fee of 25% of the purchase price in the case of returns. 

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