AlorAir - Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration (Wi-Fi Enabled)

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Design and Size of AlorAir Storm Pro

The AlorAir Storm Pro Dehumidifier is here to change the game by setting a bar higher than all other dehumidifiers in the water damage recovery industry. It has a maximum capacity of 85 pints per day of water extraction, along with all the features you imagine. 

Storm Pro Dehumidifier is an efficient water damage repair system that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. The dehumidifier provides high-quality service at a low energy consumption cost. 

It comes with a host of features that make it exactly what you would want to use in high humidity and flood conditions. There is an option for an outlet duct link that is easy to manage even for a newbie. It's crafted with ease, but it delivers impressively. 

You can even disassemble the unit and put it back in place with ease. In reality, the Storm Pro Dehumidifier can be disassembled and serviced in less than 10 seconds. 

The equipment has been tested and proven to function as a blend of experience, creativity and robustness. Storm Pro Dehumidifier also features coils filled with epoxy. The function was added to prolong the life of the equipment. They provide adequate protection against corrosion and other effects from unknown factors. The unit is equipped with a high-efficiency rotor that absorbs moisture at record speed.

There are many reasons why you should keep your premises free of excess moisture and water. The need to work and live in a position where the air is fresh and dry and the soil is safely dry is not only convenient but the only way to minimize the opportunistic conditions that are typically created by rainy and humid conditions. 

These conditions are fertile grounds for the growth of mildew, molds and fungi. Pests are known to cause allergies and many other disorders of health. Apart from encouraging the development and growth of fungi and mildew, wet conditions encourage mosquitoes and other insects to thrive, particularly in warm environments

Mosquitoes are established vectors for malaria transmission, a disease that can quickly turn lethal. Therefore, using the Storm Pro Dehumidifier is one of the ways to ensure and preserve the well-being of the family and workers in the workplace. 

Deploying a dehumidifier with a proven record of efficiency, such as the Storm Pro Dehumidifier, could be what you need to save on accidents and the cost of having to rebuild. In addition, moisture can interfere with the intended composition of the medicinal products and quickly make them ineffective. 

Excess water lying around can also cause short-circuiting of your electrical lines. It may have contributed to fatal accidents. Therefore, the value of drying the air around the offices and residential areas can not be overemphasized. Dry your place and protect your household appliances from water and moisture damage.

In addition, the Storm Pro Dehumidifier can be used to clean carpets, cellars, crawl spaces that are difficult to reach, and laundry basements. It is also suitable for drying equipment for reconstruction after floods. 

Storm Pro Dehumidifier is designed with the user in mind. It's built with handles that are easy to hold. It is also shaped in such a way that it can fit into small spaces. You can also hold it in your truck or store it conveniently without the need to build extra space.

It is one of the most durable dehumidifiers on the market as it has a high COP, epoxy-covered coils, and a non-corrosive structure that gives it a higher chance to last longer.

An additional feature that improves its efficiency is that the Storm Pro Dehumidifier is fitted with a roto-molded housing in a backup design. The ducting is long enough to cover a few rooms at a time. It can be used with ease in the crawl spaces. It features a fast pump connector that allows both connection and disconnection.

We all want to share spaces of fresh air and free of allergy-causing agents such as mold and fungi. A damp atmosphere makes a lot of people nervous. Fast, productive job. Storm Pro Dehumidifier is a high COP dehumidifier that sucks a lot of moisture out of the air easily. It is therefore the perfect unit to be deployed in high humidity environments: regardless of scale. 

Storm Pro Dehumidifier is designed not only to be used by a regular user but can also be conveniently opened and serviced by first-time users. It comes with a user manual that's easy to read. 

The AlorAir Storm Pro dehumidifier weighs 99.2 Ibs and its dimensions are 21.1”×19.2”×31.4” (LxWxH).

Features of AlorAir Storm Pro

Storm Pro Dehumidifier is considered to be a market leader when it comes to results. It has been equipped with a range of features that make it cost-effective and reliable. The regular filter is a high-efficiency MERV-8 filter.

It provides consumers with simple access to its service components. It can be opened and serviced safely in record time. The device has been designed to clean your room by sucking out the moisture that creates odor and replacing it with dry filtered air.

This system is a high COP and a pump filter operation allowance. It has been designed to reduce humidity to acceptable levels of between 45% and 50%: ideal humidity conditions that provide comfort and prevent pests from growing and thriving. The plant has the ability to extract up to 85 pints of water every day. It was tested and found to have been designed with the capacity and durability to remove moisture and water in an area of 2300 square feet.

Room Coverage of AlorAir Storm Pro

The Storm Pro is built to maintain humidity levels in large spaces of up to 2,300 sq.ft. with an airflow of 210 cfm. 

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