BSE A-800 Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Distribution Unit

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Design and Size of BSE A-800 NPBI Unit

BSE A-800 NPBI Air Filtration-Commercial Air Cleaner, Air Purifier, Air Scrubber features Needlepoint BiPolar Ionization (NPBI) without producing unhealthy levels of ozone. User-friendly-Easy to mount only a wall bracket or wall plate, virtually no maintenance, and just plug into a 120 VAC outlet

NPBI Deactivates pathogens, reduces odors, and airborne contaminants from infected rooms. BSE A-800 is a proprietary ion dispersion system that maximizes ion concentration where it is mounted.

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) produces positive and negative ions that are naturally found in pristine environments (mountains, beaches). These charged ions hunt for airborne particles (bacteria, viruses, aerosols, VOCs, etc.) and strip them of life-sustaining hydrogen to deactivate them. NPBI also causes the particles to cluster together and become larger, which makes them better caught by the filter. Its dimensions are 25" x 8" and weigh 19.5 lbs.

Filters of BSE A-800 NPBI Unit

NPBI has been shown to have ions that are effective against Coronavirus, Norovirus, MRSA, Listeria, C-Diff, SARS, Strep, Legionella, E. Coli, and Swine Flu. The technology disrupts their structure and cellular function, as well as disintegrate airborne VOCs, Chemicals, Mold and Mildew Odors, and more. 

NPBI ions often induce the agglomeration of airborne pollutants such as particulates or molecules, helping to trap filtration and allowing them to drop out of breathing areas (such as breathing spaces between people) by raising their mass when they bind together in the air and fall away.

Locate Near To Sources of Pathogens. Easy to mount, these plug and play solutions, have a proprietary dispersion process that maximizes ion concentration where they are installed, do not require any alteration to existing air handling systems or contractors to pay. 

Mount on a wall or ceiling or position it on a table and plug it into a standard wall outlet for fast, efficient, and inexpensive air and surface disinfection. 

These devices are ideal for use in smaller medical marijuana growing, storing, and processing facilities to monitor odors and destroy profit-staining powdered mildew.

Room Coverage of BSE A-800 NPBI Unit

It offers 710 CFM of airflow, making it ideal for spaces 1,775 sq ft or less. 

Sound Production of BSE A-800 NPBI Unit

A-800 produces low noise estimated at 38-68 decibels. It is also maintenance-free.

Please note that since the sound is mechanical, it might be variable. If you mostly run the air purifier at the highest speed, make sure you're not disturbed by the noise.

Energy Consumption of BSE A-800 NPBI Unit

A-800 is easy to install, you can just hang or wall mount requires relatively no maintenance, and can be plugged into a 120 VAC outlet.

Warranty of BSE A-800 NPBI Unit

This BSE air filtration system has a 1-year warranty on parts. 

Return Policy of BSE A-800 NPBI Unit

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