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Design and Size of LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution

The IonFlow 2.0 Evolution LightAir air purifier because of its award-winning Scandinavian design and its innovative proprietary air purification technology that can neutralize harmful nanoparticles down to the impressive PM 0.007.

It is an outstanding value for money, it costs almost nothing to operate it, it doesn't have a filter to replace, and it's practically quiet. Just rinse the reusable particle collector in water and use it again and again.

LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution Air Ioniser and Virus Inhibitor secure you and your family from airborne infections. IonFlow 2.0 The Swedish manufacturer's Evolution air purifier-LightAir is the most luxurious in the IonFlow series and provides unparalleled air purification results for harmful and hazardous pollutants as small as 0.007 microns.

The IonFlow 2.0 Evolution series has a lightweight and modern design that allows the air purifier to be conveniently installed on a table or desk. The switchable lighting makes the IonFlow 2.0 Evolution air purifier an enticing item that adapts seamlessly to every interior.

The LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution air purifier operates by negatively loading the particles in the air while the collector is positively charged. This way, the particles are attracted to the collector in much the same way that the magnet works and makes it possible for the air purifier to remove harmful contaminants while still in the space.

Seven years of scientific studies at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden show that IonFlow technology neutralizes more than 97% of viruses instantly indoors without having to pass through any filter at all. If anyone sneezes, nearly all viruses will be neutralized before they even have a chance to hit you.

The Swedish National Test and Testing Center and other independent research organizations also show that LightAir IonFlow air purifiers absorb more than 99 percent of all airborne particles, including:

  • Ultrafin dust and dust mite faeces
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Pollen and the Pet dander
  • Traffic and smoke emissions
  • Spores of mold and fungus

Whereas, conventional air purifying technologies treat only particles larger than PM0.3 and are not capable of handling the most toxic particles in indoor air, thereby resolving only 10% of unhealthy indoor air emissions.

All LightAir air purifiers use recycled content and comply with the RoHS Directive.

Compact luxurious Scandinavian design that is sure to add a touch of elegance to your modern home or office.

Features of LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution

The IonFlow 2.0 Evolution Filter-free and quiet safely filter the air from 99 percent of the contaminants down to PM0.007. Under normal conditions, these nanoparticles account for 90% of all airborne particles and are believed to cause the most serious respiratory diseases and diseases. It is therefore important to select an air purifier that effectively eliminates nano-level particles.

The IonFlow 2.0 Evolution's unparalleled air purifying capacity makes it a very effective option for allergies, asthma, COPD, breastfeeding, babies, children, or anyone looking for a safe lifestyle. It is specifically crafted with protection in mind, ozone free and CARB qualified air purifier.

The IonFlow 2.0 Evolution is fitted with a special and proprietary technology that emits about 30 billion negative ions per second at a distance of one meter from the air purifier without the release of harmful ozone.

Ozone emissions from IonFlow 2.0 Evolution are not detectable (below the detection stage of 0.002 ppm). Being ozone-free is a special attribute that is unlikely to equal any other ionization air purifier on the market.

The Evolution IonFlow 2.0 is accredited by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). To be approved, air purifiers must be checked for electrical safety and ozone pollution and must meet an ozone emission limit of 0.050 parts per million.

Room Coverage of LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution

The LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution clears the air from the most dangerous particles – fine, ultra-fine, and nanoparticles down to PM 0.007 using the validated ultra-high-density ionization technology used specifically by people with lung disorders such as COPD and asthma. It's suitable for both home and workplace settings up to 540 sq ft.

Sound Production of LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution

The LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution air purifier is incredibly quiet as it works at just 21 dB, including background noise; it is lower than a whisper in a library!

Anything over 45 dB is viewed as being counter-productive, distracting, or upsetting. Virtually quiet, the LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution is the perfect air purifier for a bedroom or an office, the rooms where we spend the most time on average every day.

Please note that since it is mechanical, it might be variable. If you mostly run the air purifier at the highest speed, make sure you're not disturbed by the noise.

Energy Consumption of LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution 

The LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution is an ultra-low energy consumption air purifier and has no fan and no filters that need to be replaced.

The IonFlow 2.0 Evolution features a reusable particle collector that can be easily rinsed in soapy water and used again and again. The fact that you never need to adjust or purchase filters would save you a lot of money compared to traditional filter-based air purifiers. Add to that the environmental factor and the low cost of electricity the entire planet is a winner!

Based on the IonFlow 2.0 Evolution consumption of 5 watts and the average time of usage of 10 hours a day, it costs about $0.5 to operate the air purifier for a month. Simply plug the air purifier into the power socket, and the system operates 24 hours a day.

Warranty of LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution

If your LightAir air purifier fails to work during the warranty duration set out in the local Consumer Purchaser Act in your country from the date of purchase as a consequence of a material or manufacturing defect, LightAir undertakes to repair or replace the product as it sees fit. 

In order for this offer to be valid, the purchaser must return the product to the LightAir authorized service point or point of purchase, along with evidence of the date and place of the original purchase.

Return Policy of LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Evolution

If you are not pleased with your LightAir air purifier for any reason, you can return it or exchange it within 14 days of purchase.

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